Image of the Month Compliments

May 2016

...just a quick note, Peter, to tell you how much I enjoy receiving the photos in your emails...they are SO well done...clever, intelligent and often a bit of "pictorial" humor...your skill level is off the charts...and you have a great eye. There! I've said it!

Thanks for sending. Always interesting...

Herm F

February 2014

I checked out all your botanicals on your website, they are really amazing.  Colors and forms are beautiful, a new dimension to nature.

Darlene O.

February 2014

Just spent an hour or so traveling through your was a delightful journey; a real vacation! I love what you can do with a camera; nothing wrong with your vision - or how you see the world.

Ruth N.

November 2011

As a former artist/art teacher I am extremely interested in artwork of all kinds.I receive calls and emails daily from artists who want me to look at their work for consideration on my jobs. I am rarely impressed or interested. I have to say, that was not the case in your instance. I am thoroughly impressed with your photography. You have a wonderful eye for design,color and creativity.

I will save your website in "My Favorites" and if I ever have the need for an exceptional photograph, I will contact you. If you ever have anything new to add, keep me on your mailing list.

Suzanne N

September 2011

Your portfolio is STUNNING! I had the luxury of time to travel through it, and I love your trees in Landscape collection, the play of positive and negative in the Southwest and Dunes Collection, the majestic trees in Central Park, and I love how you incorporated the window reflection in NY refections. It feels as if I am walking down the streets. Beautiful! I feel like painting the reflection series playing on transparency and layers, yum!! 

Weeda. H

August 2003

I am really impressed with the quality of your photos.I don't know if I am using the correct terms but here goes:

They are on the highest level of professionalism as I have ever seen. The tonalities, grey scale, the flow of tones from one to another, the moods... They are just great.

I have an emotional response to your work. The feeling I get is one of loneliness and desolation. Consequently, there is a feeling of sadness, pathos.

One of your nudes seems to hover between Classical Greek marble sculpture and a living, breathing human being. Maybe it's a woman turning into marble. Are you Pygmalion?

The forest scenes in black and white, the waterfall...all just great.

There is real emotional impact in these black and white and color photos.

Nick N.

January 2002

I just looked at your site and loved it.  Your still lifes are fantastic; the lighting is impecable!  BUT what really struck me was your landscapes which are solemn on the verge of eerie.  They're great.  I'd love to see them in person some time.

Philip F

September 2001

Don't ever take me off the list. These images keep getting better.

Ike Royer

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